The fourth European meeting of the National Rural Networks (NRNs), 2014-2020, has take place in Bled, Slovenia, 29 February - 1 March 2016.

Its main objectives were:

  • To introduce to and discuss with the NSUs and with the support of the European Evaluation Helpdesk recent developments and next steps with regard to planning NRN evaluation and self-assessment;
  • To support NRNs in fulfilling their objective of 'improving RDP implementation' through encouraging the development of 'communities of practice' around key Rural Development Programme (RDP) themes of interest;
  • To support the exchange of experience and practices among NSUs/NRNs with regard to RDP themes and implementation processes;

The ENRD Contact Point will carry out a survey to identify the most relevant themes NRNs are currently working on. These will provide the basis for discussions at the NRNs' meeting.

The event were organizated in cooperation with Slovenian NRN. Monday morning has been organised a field trip to Bohinj - Cheese diary Tonejc, Bohinj special accomodation and Studor Hayracks.

Agenda and presentations from the event

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